I regret all those hours I wasted thinking of you.



Models of color at Balmain: beauty shots

Riley, Binx, Tami & Liu 😩😘😍

I’ve mastered the art of showing emotions with out showing my true emotions. Just giving the surface and keeping the barriers in place

The hunger for love is what drives us to accept whatever is brought to the table,

makes every option appear plausible.

Darling, love yourself. Love yourself till you’re all filled up.

Let what they offer be, unto you, dessert. Optional. You get to decide if you’d have some or not. Something you can do without.

Only taste their love if it’s sweeter than yours.

Funmi Akinlade “From within, with love” (via soulitairee)

Love this

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Can’t do this to myself it isn’t fair
Yes. I over think… But you shouldn’t be giving me reasons to over think